Vol-1 Issue-12

Farm ponds- A technology turning grey areas into green
Soil-Plant-Animal-Human Continuum for Sustaining Food and Nutrition Security
Growing late spring sugarcane after wheat crop a beneficial crop in north India
Importance of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture
Genomic Selection for Plant Disease Resistance
Use of press mud for sugarcane farming and sustaining soil health
Nutritional dilemma under prevailing COVID-19 pandemic
Organic Farming: Need of Today
Smt. Jasuben C. Chaudhari: Successful farmer by adopting IFS model
Nutrition deficiency and their management in potato
Varietal replacement in chickpea with STCR based nutrient management for productivity enhancement under CFLD in Sagar
Intercropping-Pigeon pea with groundnut enhancing productivity and income of small farmers-A success story
Climate Change in Relation to Agriculture in India