1. The article can be submitted upto 25th of every month for consideration in the next issue
  2. In case an urgent publication is required,the author must mention as URGENT ARTICLE so that iscan be published within required time
  3. The articles must be in MS Word format
  4. The entire article must follow- Times New Roman, 12 font, 1 spacing
  5. Download the author’s guidelines and process your article accordingly
  6. The abstract (optional) of the article should be within 100-150 words
  7. 4-5 relevent keywords should be included
  8. The overall content of article must be within 2000-2500 words and it may contain multiple paragraphs, figures, tables & quality images
  9. AUTHOR FORMAT (Example)
  10. Author’s (s) Name and Affilition- Rahul Kumar1, Priya Singh2 and Abhijeet Kumar3 (First author should be marked with 1, second author with 2 and so on) Department of ABCDEFGH, XYZ, University, New Delhi-Pincode
  11. Tables and figures should be numbered like (Table 1/2/3….) and (Figure 1/2/3….)
  12. References in the text should be cited as 2 authors (Pratap and Yash, 2019), 3 or more authors (Prakash et al., 2018)
  13. REFERENCES FORMAT (Example)- Burol W, James EK, Li D, Lanigan GJ, Williams M, PPM I, Humphreys J(2014) Comparisons of biological nitrogen fixation in association with white clover (Trifolium repens L.) under four fertiliser nitrogen inputs as measured using two 15N techniques. Plant and Soil, 385:287–302.
  14. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission for reproduction of figures, tables, etc. from published sources
  15. Articles must be strictly according to the guidelines otherwise it would be automatically rejected
  16. The article must not be plagiarised or less than 15 % of plagiarism level. Please check the plagiarism through or
  17. Author is solely responsible for any plagiarism related issues in the article
  18.  The author needs to pay the charges only when the article is accepted